Reptiles for Sale and reptile supplies in Dundalk, MD

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16 yrs Healthy Adult female African Spurred Tortoises in stock 168Lbs and 3ft long and 100% plant origin. Interested buyers contact (402) 249-2255 Thanks. Amber pets-home.
Ball python, about 2 years old. Was told it is female when purchased but I have not had it sexed. Is a family pet, has not been bred. My schedule makes it difficult to adequately care for her.
Hello , My available for delivery 1. EASTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISES (T. hermanni boettgeri) 2. EAST-EUROPEAN GREEK'S TORTOISES (T. graeca ibera) 3. NORTHERN MARGINATED TORTOISES (T. marginata marginata) 4. PANCAKE TORTOISES (M. tornieri) 5. NORTHERN LEOPARD TORTOISES (G. pardalis babcocki) 6. RADIATED TORTOISES (G. radiata) 7. INDIAN STAR TORTOISES (G. elegans) 8. BURMESE STAR TORTOISES (G. platyn...
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